1974-1975 World Trip

World Trip 1974-1975 (mostly solo)

It's been many years now from when I started a solo trip around the world. As I look back, this trip was one of the best and in many ways most important events in my life. 

Ron Glaze

Technical notes: Camera used was a SLR Pentax ESII that I purchased in Japan on my first stop, Sept. 1974.

Note: These slides where put on Photo CD’s in 1993. Most of the original slides now are starting to deteriorate.

World Trip 1974-75

Solo Traveler around the world

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1.  Japan

2. Taiwan

3. Hong Kong

4. Thailand

5. Nepal

6. India

7. Iran

8. Lebanon

9. Egypt

10. Turkey

11. Greece

12. Italy

13. & 14. Germany & France


After leaving Cupertino CA in April 1974 going WEST, my first stop was actually Hawaii. I was there 6 months before I left for Asia. It was a fun 6 months, the cast of characters including my job at Budget Rental Car ...I will never forget.

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